Office and Industrial

A&G Realty provides creative and comprehensive answers to corporate, commercial and industrial needs. We bring trusted industry contacts, forge tactical partnerships, and find other solutions to reduce or increase a client’s corporate or industrial footprint. A&G Realty uses deep research and extensive due diligence to offer long-term and up-to-date knowledge on what the market is offering and what it will bear. A&G Realty are experts at repurposing clients’ real estate portfolios to fit expansion or downsizing strategies. A&G Realty:

  • Conducts real estate due diligence, valuation and assessment
  • Advises companies and or investors on real estate strategy
  • Restructures leases, sub-leases and lease terminations
  • Sells real estate

Ways we use capital:

  • Create liquidity to ensure optimal asset performance
  • Provide short term bridge facilities to enable purchase or sale
  • Purchase or invest in non-core divisions of companies to allow for an orderly wind-down
  • Buy non-core assets as part of a 3rd party acquisition or divestiture