Alexander Draper


Alexander is a new installation to the A&G team, based out of our Chicago office, was an intern out of college at A&G prior to being brought on full-time as an analyst. During his internship, he has gained over a year of experience with several projects, specifically retail bankruptcies, including Charming Charlie and Mattress Firm. His role during these projects and on future projects is to serve as a deal-maker assistant - committed to the oversight of all aspects of any documentation and reporting processes as well as the organization and tracking of the progress/status of individual deal-makers assignments and coordinating with landlords on behalf of A&G.

Alexander also has a unique role to manage A&G’s Salesforce migration and implementation project for A&G on a dailybasis. He acts as a liaison between A&G and Salesforce developers to ensure the implementation is done properly and in a timely manner. Upon completion of A&G’s Salesforce migration project, he will continue to maintain and manage A&G’s Salesforce system and database.