Emilio Amendola


Emilio Amendola is one of the most sought-after professionals in the commercial real estate industry because of his experience, tenacity and track record of success. Amendola founded A&G Realty with 20-year business partner Andy Graiser in 2012. He has extensive knowledge of the industry, having assisted with the full spectrum of retailers, from troubled to healthy, with generating successful outcomes for their property portfolios. Amendola has successfully executed numerous out-of-court transactions that have allowed more than 35 companies to avoid filing for Chapter 11 protection, and has helped more than 100 healthy retailers dispose of or restructure real estate assets, make acquisitions and perform non-core divestitures. In addition, he has assisted more than 150 troubled retailers to dispose of or restructure their real estate.

Before accumulating a quarter of a century’s experience in the world of commercial real estate, Amendola worked in finance for more than a decade. He began his career as a certified public accountant and continued in investment banking at Thomson McKinnon Securities, where he became the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Real Estate Investment Banking. There, he was in charge of a group of 35 professionals that joint-ventured, acquired, or partnered in the acquisition of more than 100,000 apartment units, more than 25 million feet of retail space, more than 35 million feet of office space, and more than 10,000 hotel units.

Moving laterally into real estate development, Amendola spent five years running a $500 million company that owned over 12 million square feet of office and retail properties across the U.S., where he was responsible for the management, leasing, redevelopment, and sale of all the company's assets.

Amedola formed DJM Realty in 1992 with partners Andy Graiser and Mario Ciampi. Amendola was responsible for all client management and managed every major project, leading and overseeing the team in disposition, lease restructuring, and real estate valuations – mitigating over $4.5 billion of lease liability, restructuring more than 10,000 leases and selling more than $1 billion of owned real estate.

Amendola is an experienced speaker and panelist, and frequently serves as a media commentator.